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You're probably wondering where the catch is because it costs time and money to keep this website operational. You're right about the time and money, but there is no catch. What do I, the writer, get out of this?

     Your feedback is valuable - not only to improve my writing skill, but as a source of encouragement as well. Your constructive criticism is always welcome. On those occasions when someone tells me why this website is important to them, it makes the effort worthwhile. Use the comments section of the Guest Book to share your thoughts.

2. Exposure
    Writing a book is an accomplishment, but the most difficult and time consuming part for me is promoting it. It doesn't matter how good the book is if no one is aware of its existence. If you enjoyed a book, recommend it - review it - post it on social media or simply tell a friend. Word of mouth is still the best advertising a person can get.

​3. Membership
    Yes, all books on this site are free to read without joining or providing any information. To me, free means free. However, unless you visit this site daily, you won't know when something new is added. If you join, I will send an email whenever I post a new story. Membership guessed! Be sure to provide your name and correct email.

4. Donations
    The cost of this website is $155 a year. If only 155 visitors donated $1 a year each, it would be free to me as well. Any amount is greatly appreciated and it goes directly into an account where that is used to pay the website. You can pay with any debit or credit card. Donations are always welcome, but everyone is welcome to read the stories without donating anything.

5. Pleasure
    "I write for pleasure - yours and mine." Seriously; I love to write, but it is much more fun for me when others enjoy it as well.  Please feel free to direct friends and relatives to this site so they can enjoy free reads too.

​At the beginning and end of each story, there is a link to a website that provides all the formats and locations where the book can be purchased. Most of my stories are available in print or as ebooks. 

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Do you like to work puzzles? I am in the process of making my books available as puzzles. I have often thought that some pictures would make great book covers or puzzles. That gave me the idea of offering my book covers as puzzles. It's free at  On the web site where the book is available as a free read, you will find a link to that specific book.

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