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(aka: L. L. Rigsbee, Linda L. Rigsbee &
 Linda Louise Rigsbee)


Effective January 1, 2020, only The first chapter of novels and novellas will be available as free reads online. At the end of the chapter, there will be a link to either purchase a copy, or for members to email me to request a free PDF or Mobi file of the entire story.  
On January 1, 2020, Dear Tales will go back to its origin as a zine of short stories, poems and articles. These will be available on this site as free reads.
FREE Reads

Clean Romance
 A Special Thanksgiving
 Beating the Competition*
​ Christmas Blues
​ Even Steven
​ Father's Day Romance
 The First Time For Love
​ Galactic Flirt
 The Homely Stud 
 Keep The Ball Rolling
 Love And Deception
 Macho Man
 Never Say Never
​ On-Line Romance*
The Practical Joke
​ Rachel's Independence*
 The Rejuvenation of Nancy Degan
 The Storm 
 Such Is Life
 Sweet Sixteen
 Where the Snow Geese Live
Western & Frontier
​  All In A Name
  Apache Pass
  Duel At The Corral
  The Fallen Woman
​  Gato Blanca
  The Gift Of Hope*
  The Heavy Gun
​  The Lonely Rancher
​  Montega's Revenge*
  The Nester
  The New Stock
  Perilous Trail
  Prairie Fire!
  Revenge at Sweetwater
​  The Shaking Ground
  The Shaman
  The Useless Horse
  The Creature Kid
​  A Hunger For Contact

General Fiction
  Lesson Of The Wilderness
​  The Missing Brooch
​  The Mission Of Sin Peligro
​  Shadows In The Lighthouse

​  Protecting Taye*
​  To Grandpa From Christopher
  Cross that Bridge When You Come To It
  My Friend the Geek
  The Haunted House
  A Scream in the Night
  Mystery of the Brass Hook
  The Sourpuss
  No One Knows
  Under the Palo Verde Tree
  Promise Not To Tell
  Zane's Discovery


​   How The Easter Bunny Got His Tale
   Our Alphabetical Farm
   Roly Poly & The Ant
   The Frog In The Bog
   The S Word
   The Turtle Reunion



First Chapter Only 
starting Jan 1, 2020

Clean Romance
 (Single Title)
   A Dangerous Love
   A Tutelarius Love
   Courtship of the Recluse
   Her Best Laid Plans
   Kayla, The Landlord Slayer
   Romancing The Tree Hugger
   1-Once Bitten, Twice Shy
   2-Something Old, Something New
   3-The Darkest Hour
   4-For Better Or Worse
   5-A Change Of Hearts
   6-To Thine Own Self 
   7-An Ounce Of Prevention

Western & Frontier
   Blood Red
   Fool's Gold
   Nightriders Of The Double Spur
   Savage Wilderness
   Standoff At Apache Butte

​ The Mascot Trilogy
​   1-The Purlieu Experiment
   2-The Anialwch Connection
   3-Return Of The Fontalo

 Spaceship Lyra Logs
   1-The Amelioration Expedition
   2-The Genesis Project
   3-Quixotic Rebellion
   4-The Macabre Organism
   5-Intimate Domain

  Drums Of the Makai
  Moqui & The Kachina Doll
  What Does Cockadoodle Do?

Cook Books
  Caprine Culinary
  From The Garden

Memoir & Biography
  Another Mountain
  LEGACY Of A Griffin
  Why Dad Made His Casket
  Journals Of A Caregiver

​  Kansas, Hidden In Plain Sight

  Butterfly Or Moth?
  Left On The Columbia