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All Books by Linda Rigsbee 
(aka: L. L. Rigsbee, Linda L. Rigsbee & Linda Louise Rigsbee)
The following stories by Linda Rigsbee are available for free reads. Click on the genre link (In Green) to find the links to the stories.  ENJOY!
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Single Title Romance

A Dangerous Love (Contemporary Novel)
A Tutelarius Love (Contemporary Novel)  
CASSIE (Western Novella) 
Courtship of the Recluse (Contemporary Novel)
Her Best-Laid Plans (Contemporary Novella)
Romancing the Tree Hugger (Contemporary Novel)
Heartland Romance (Short Story Collection) 
    Keep the Ball Rolling
    A Special Thanksgiving
    Love and Deception
    Even Steven
    Macho Man
    Never Say Never
    Such Is Life
    Sweet Sixteen
    The First Time for Love
    The Homely Stud
    The Storm
    Where the Snow Geese Live

Carmen & Alex Series Romance Novels

Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Book 1) 
Something Old, Something New (Book 2)
The Darkest Hour (Book 3)
For Better or Worse (Book 4)
A Change in Hearts (Book 5)
To Thine Own Self (Book 6)
An Ounce of Prevention (Book 7) 


Blood Red (Western Novel)
Fool's Gold (Western Novella)
Horse Opera (Collection of short western stories) 
    Apache Pass
    The Heavy Gun
    Perilous Trail
    Revenge at Sweetwater
    The Shaman
    Duel at the Corral
    The Nester
    The Useless Horse
    The New Stock
    Prairie Fire
Nightriders of the Double Spur (Western Novella)
Savage Wilderness (Frontier Novella)
Standoff At Apache Butte (Western Novel)

SPECULATIVE FICTION (Science Fiction, Fantasy, etc)

The Purlieu Experiment (Book 1 - Mascot Trilogy - Novel) 
The Anialwch Connection (Book 2 - Mascot Trilogy - Novel)
Return of the Fontalo (Book 3 - Mascot Trilogy - Novel)
The Amelioration Expedition (Spaceship Lyra Log 001)
The Genesis Project (Spaceship Lyra Log 002)
Quixotic Rebellion (Spaceship Lyra Log 003)


Drums of the Makai (Novella)
Moqui & The Kachina Doll (Novella)
Youth Yarns (Collection of Short Stories)
    To Grandpa From Christopher
    Cross that Bridge When You Come To It
    Sammy the Sad Spider
    My Friend the Geek
    The Haunted House
    A Scream in the Night
    Mystery of the Brass Hook
    The Sourpuss
    No One Knows
    Under the Palo Verde Tree
    Promise Not To Tell


How The Easter Bunny Got His Tale
Our Alphabetical Farm
Roly Poly & The Ant
The Frog In The Bog
The S Word
The Turtle Reunion


Reflections (A Collection of Poems and Quotes)


Caprine Culinary - Cooking With Goat Products (Cook Book)
Another Mountain (Memoir)
Journals of a Caregiver (Memoir)
LEGACY of a Griffin (Biography)
Kansas, Hidden in Plain Sight (Travel)

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