by Linda L. Rigsbee on 09/10/14

     As a writer, I usually hear success measured in monetary terms. Successful writers have best sellers or become rich and famous. The general public often thinks of it this way, and even writers themselves.

But what is success? I think that in order to answer that question, we need to ask ourselves what we would consider the opposite of success. Most of us would say it was failure, but wait a minute. That would mean that poor people are failures. I don't think many would agree that being poor meant you were a failure, and yet, we instantly recognize being rich as being a success. We all know money talks. In fact, sometimes it talks so loud that we hear nothing else.

     If we tossed money out of the picture, how would we define success? Would it be popularity? Would it be leaving a legacy? How would you define it?

     I think of success as achieving a goal. It doesn't have to be a monumental goal. After all, if we go on a diet and lose weight, wouldn't we consider that success?

     My goal as a writer is to write books that people enjoy reading. I have many emails from fans who tell me how much they enjoy my books. I consider that success. I want to reach as many people as possible. Many of my books have been free reads online for years. I have hundreds of thousands of hits on them from all over the world. I consider that success. I have reached my goals. The truth is, it has never been my goal to become a rich and famous writer. I probably never will be - not because I lack the skill, but because it isn't important enough to me to justify the effort. You see, when a writer becomes rich and famous, it isn't necessarily that they are the best writer. Writing a book is hard, but it is the easy part compared to all the marketing involved in publishing. Marketing is a lot of work. The old adage that it takes money to make money is correct, but it also takes a mountain of effort. When I see a best selling writer, I think of all the time, discipline and effort they put into getting there. That was their goal and they have been successful.

     So, in answer to my question, "what is success," I would answer, "achieving your goal." Don't wait for success to be defined by someone else. Set a goal and achieve it. Everyone can be successful.

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1. IND said on 11/25/14 - 08:34AM
The way 'success' defined here is really giving a new perspective to it..Thanks.. :)

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