The History of Dear Tales 

 by Linda Rigsbee
    The idea of DEAR TALES was conceived in late 1996 after a disappointing search through the magazine rack of a local supermarket.  There appeared to be confusion between the words romance and sex.  Western magazines were dominated by contemporary stories or true west articles.   Nothing provided a variety and all were saturated with advertising.  I left the store empty-handed.

    By the time I reached my car, DEAR TALES had reached it's embryonic stage.  Over the next few weeks, in the protective womb of my computer, the DNA of its style was formed. 
    A minimum of three short stories, a poem and an article.  
    Story settings of any place, time period, category or length.   
    Easy to read upbeat stories
    Family oriented.   No sex scenes, offensive language, undue violence or anti-heros.  
    No advertising - no interruptions mid-story requiring the reader to search for page 23.

    And so, after countless hours of labor, the first issue of DEAR TALES was born.  I nurtured the zine as it stumbled through the awkward teen years, welcoming the participation of other authors.  It began as a  monthly zine, went to is bi-annual and then to an e-zine.  Now DEAR TALES is a web site of FREE Online Reads by Linda Rigsbee.  As everything does, it will change with the times, but it will always be my baby.

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