Flash fiction is the shortest story length. Sometimes called Short-Short, Micro-Fiction, Quick or Sudden fiction, the length of the story depends on the person defining it. Most agree that the story should be under 2000 words. On this web site, flash fiction is defined as under 1,000 words.  It is a full story, with a beginning, a middle and an ending.
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Christmas In A Flash
​A Collection of Flash Fiction Christmas Stories
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Beating the Competition - Connie is a character from the mystery romance novel, "A Dangerous Love," by Linda Louise Rigsbee.

On-line Romance - Mary is a character from the romance novel, "Courtship Of The Recluse," by Linda Louise Rigsbee

Rachel's Independence - Rachel is a character from the romance novella, "Her Best Laid Plans," by Linda Louise Rigsbee.

The Gift Of Hope - Lori is a character from the series romance novel, "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," by Linda Louise Rigsbee

Montega's Revenge - Montega is a character from the frontier novella, "Savage Wilderness," By L. L. Rigsbee

Protecting Taye - Hyee is a character from the speculative fiction novella, "Drums of the Makai," by Linda L. Rigsbee