The first issue of Goat Udderings Newsletter was published in January of 1986.   At that time it was called Dairy Goat Newsletter.  The name changed to Goat Udderings Newsletter  in December of 1986.  This was done to include all purposes for owning goats, not simply for dairy purposes.  The newsletter provided some much needed information on goat nutrition and care.  I home published the newsletter monthly until December of 1990, when we moved from our farmstead in Cave Springs, Arkansas to a house in Rogers, Arkansas.  I still received requests for the newsletter 12 years after I stopped publishing it.  

Almost entirely through word of mouth advertising, my newsletter became national, and then finally international.  I did the interviews, wrote the articles and took the photos.  I even typed the newsletter on my little trusty Smith Corona typewriter.  Back then, everyone didn't have a computer.  Now, producing a newsletter is much simpler.

I kept a scrapbook of correspondence received during my years of editor.   I received requests from as far away as the Persian Gulf country of Bahrain and even Australia.  I received one request from a doctor in Staten Island, NY and a request from the British Goat Society in Cornwall England to exchange newsletters.  One of my treasured mementos is a letter from Sam Walton in June of 1986 regarding a celebrity milk-out at a goat show in Bentonville sponsored by Goat Udderings.   

My advice to anyone producing a newsletter.
1.  Keep it under 10 pages.  Your audience will probably read it all in one sitting.
2.  Don't interrupt your articles with advertising or segment them over several pages.
3.  The front page story should grab your reader's attention - even if they don't raise goats.
Linda L. Rigsbee

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