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No membership is required to read short stories.

No membership or information is required to read these advertising free short stories online at deartales.com and the first chapter of novels or novellas can be read free with no membership. If you would like to be notified of new stories added, or if you would like to download PDF files, you will need a membership. Membership is free.

To become a member, click on the green "Become A Member" button and fill out a form with the information needed and submit. I will get the form and you will be a member. It's that simple.

I will never give your information to anyone else. All that is required is a current email address to send notifications, an interest specified and a name. (No, I don't care if it is your real name. I just need an ID to go with the email number.)
Any other information is voluntary and merely gives me a little more information about my audience. 

In January of 2020, I changed DEAR TALES so that only the first chapter of novels and novellas could be read online. There were three reasons for this change:
1. Space and Maintenance requires more time working on websites, which takes away from writing time and family time.
2.  Recently, I have had an issue with someone pirating my stories - even creating a new cover with their name on my story. Of course, this is a violation of copyright. Having my full books online makes it easier for them to be pirated.
3.  Amazon does not promote writers who have their stories online free. This has been the case for a long time, but I have absorbed the loss in income. That is getting more difficult to do.

Effective immediately, I am working on PDF downloads for every book. This should resolve all 3 points above. A password will be required to enter these pages. The complete story will be available in PDF format for computer or phone. Just click on your file preference to download. 
You may save the file if you wish and you may print it out for your convenience, but please do not share! 

Thank you for your time and interest.
Linda Rigsbee, Author
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