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TITLE:  "Kayla, The Landlord Slayer"
GENRE: General Fiction, Women's Fiction & Clean Romance
​PUBLISHED: March 2018
Available for free online read by the general public April 15, 2018

​Drake the dragon is a draconian landlord. Marcie, his tenant, is Kayla’s best friend. Kayla knows nothing about the requirements of being a landlady. She only wants to get Marcie and her daughter out of his clutches and into a friendlier environment. So, with the power of her magic sword (a pen) she gets Marcie out of a lease and into her apartment. From there, things go downhill in a hurry.

TITLE:  "Romancing The Tree Hugger"
GENRE: General Fiction, Women's Fiction & Clean Romance
​PUBLISHED: October, 2018

​Mary Jo wanted to save the forest and the critters in it. Barrett Monroe was a timber man. There was only one way they could find common ground, and that was to join forces fighting the drug dealers who had set up business in Pa's forest.


TITLE:  "The Turtle Reunion"
GENRE: Children's Fiction
​PUBLISHED: October, 2018

When the turtles have a reunion, family members gather from all over the world. Terrapins, turtles, tortoises - all members of the chelonian family gather for a reunion on the beach. What a great time to learn about turtles - and family reunions, for that matter!


TITLE:  "Zane's Discovery"
GENRE: Youth - Short Story
​PUBLISHED: April, 2018

Zane discovers something on his summer vacation that helps him understand a controversial subject. Who should come first, humans or animals?