by  Linda L. Rigsbee
Drago is a savvy dragon, and why not? The shrewd old centurion has gathered a lot of information in the last couple thousand years. Drago likes children because they have an open mind. He spends a lot of time in the park, enjoying the simple life. Adults see him as an old man and pay no attention to his sage advice. Children are not burdened with preconceived ideas, though. They see him as a wise old dragon, always willing to share his knowledge. When children visit him in the park, he takes them on exciting and informative journeys. Oh, not physically. No, he leaves their bodies in the park, just in case parents come looking for them. It’s their minds that he leads other places. So, if you’re ever in the park and see a child sitting there with a far-away expression, look for an old man. If you truly listen, he will take you back to old times and tell you how it was then.
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