Vol 19, Winter 2006
ROMANCE:  “Christmas Blues"  by Linda L. Rigsbee
A young bride is caught up in self-pity when Christmas rolls around and her husband is in Iraq.  But a hectic evening in the emergency room opens her eyes.  Some things we take for granted.
ARTICLE:  “Amazing Mazie” – e by Linda L. Rigsbee
Her faith gives Mazie the strength to be a special person.  Though she has touched the lives of many, her good deeds will go unknown to most people.  The media is full of bad news.  Can we find time to look for the good?
WESTERN:  “Gato Blanka” by L. L. Rigsbee
A trapper turned currier is traveling from Ft Bowie to Ft Baynard in the New Mexico Territory when he drifts off the trail and picks up an unusual stalker.
Poem: “Reflections of a Grandmother”, a Poem by Linda L. Rigsbee
The good, the bad and the priceless memories.
PhotoScript:  “Guardian Angel” – by Linda L. Rigsbee
YOUTH:  “Where the Sage Grows Tall” by Linda L. Rigsbee
 Back in the 60’s, playing required a creative mind.
Commentary:  “Cry Lyer”  by Linda L. Rigsbee
We all lie sometimes.  It’s just a matter of degree.
Travel: “The Writing on the Rock” by Linda L. Rigsbee
As a passenger on an ATV in White Rock Wildlife Management Area in Arkansas, I discovered the simplest way to travel the wilderness and see the most of it in a few hours.

Vol 16
ADVENTURE:    A Christmas Scare, by Linda Rigsbee
Chad is a 16-year-old student who has been grounded for poor grades.  When a mountain man interrupts his sleep, he is unsure what is real and what is merely a nightmare.  His experience gives him a new perspective on the meaning of Christmas.
ROMANCE:   The Practical Joke,  by Linda Rigsbee
Carla is a 23-year-old aerobics instructor determined to control her destiny.  She works part time on a cruise ship out of Miami.  The rest of  her time is spent wherever a temporary employment service sends her.  A practical joke turns into romance when she meets the nephew of an employee.  His philosophy of living life one day at a time seems irresponsible to her until September 11th.
Western:  The Fallen Woman, by L. L. Rigsbee
Kynan Madison was content to be a homeless wanderer until his friend died.  His last request was for Madison to deliver some money to his wife.  Madison's experience with women has made him unsympathetic to their problems, but he made a promise.  How was he to know he would find the ranch burned, the hands dead and the woman wounded and in labor?
Our Children, by Linda Rigsbee

Vol 15
ROMANCE:  The First Time for Love, by Linda Rigsbee
Widowed in her forties, Rhonda is finally searching for a new mate.  She already knows what it's like to be poor.  Her first marriage was rich in love.  This time her first priority is financial security.  That's her plan, but an interesting new friend may change it.
WESTERN:  Prairie Fire!  By L L Rigsbee
As wagonmaster, Rohlin is responsible for the lives and property of the wagon train.  Experience is his major qualification, but he discovers that there is something even more important.
YOUTH:  Nibbles, the Lighthouse Mouse, by Jan Stevens
Nibbles could be happy living in the lighthouse, but first he must conquer his fear of the ocean.
POEMS:  Simple Joys, by Anita Goolsby
Kachina Wish, by Beverly Vaughn

Vol 14 
WESTERNApache Butte, by L L Rigsbee 
A condensed version of "Standoff at Apache Butte." 
With a posse at his heals and an Apache hunting party over the hill, Evans makes a choice to help out some greenhorns. Only the greenhorns might not be so green. 
ADVENTURE: The Savage, by Linda Rigsbee 
A condensed version of The Savage Wilderness 
When a woman is forced to travel alone in the early western wilderness with her newborn son, she is shocked at who offers help. 
YOUTH: Under the Palo Verde Tree, by Linda Rigsbee 
The desert doesn't offer much in the way of entertainment for it's resident children. All the same, it offers a few lessons. 
Heartbeats Past, by Beverly Joe Vaughn 
Pioneers, by Anita Mecham-Goolsby 
Bargain Day, by Ray Ratliff 

Vol 13 
ROMANCE: Such is Life, by Linda Rigsbee 
There is a good reason why a miner looks familiar to Jena. But something about him might hold the key to her happiness. 
YOUTH: No One Knows, by Linda Rigsbee 
You can't always have what you want, but one ten-year-old girl learns how to make it bearable. 
ADVENTURE: Lesson of the Wilderness, by Linda Rigsbee 
A plane crash in the wilderness is a reality check for a self-sufficient businessman. 
Walking, by Ray Ratliff 
Worldly Things, by Beverly Joe Vaughn 
No Romance, by Linda Rigsbee 

Vol 12 
ADVENTURE: The Shaking Ground, by Linda Rigsbee 
A little Native American history is sandwiched into this adventure during the New Madrid Earthquake. A Hunkah (meaning earth people - better known as the Osage), village is destroyed in the quake and they must travel the ravaged earth. 
MYSTERY: The Mission of Sin Peligro, by Linda Rigsbee 
When Maria Hernandez stumbled on a suspicious operation one stormy night, she might have seen more than she wanted to. Now someone is chasing her. 
YOUTHThe Search for Miss Penny, by Shirley Cordes 
Cheryl's pet hen, Miss Penny, has been missing for a while. What could have happened to her? 
Remembering Mama, by Ray Ratliff 
The Auction, by Shirley Cordes 
Just be Thankful, by Beverly Vaughn 

Vol 11 
ROMANCE: Never Say Never, by Linda Rigsbee 
Natalie could never forgive the Yankees for what they had done to her family. When she traveled out west to meet her fiancé', that oath put her in a sticky situation. 
MYSTERY: Shadows in the Lighthouse, by Linda Rigsbee 
Who, or what, is prowling around the lighthouse at night? 
YOUTH: The Sourpuss, by Linda Rigsbee 
When a 12-year-old boy has only a 75-year-old woman for a companion, he makes the best of it. Especially when that woman is like Mrs. Carson. 
POEM: Remembering, by Ray Ratliff 

Vol 10 
YOUTH: Kathy's Medicine, by Shirley Cordes 
When Kathy's newfound elderly friend is taken to a nursing home, Kathy wants to find a way to make the woman smile again. She may have a remedy at home, but will the nursing home let her use it? 
SCI-FI: The Creature-Kid, by Linda Rigsbee 
Jim Cotton is a wannabe scientist who farms beets in Arkansas. When he runs amuck with some wild hogs, he makes a discovery that will change his life. 
ADVENTURE: Stranded! by Linda Rigsbee 
When Amy's car plunges off the highway, she is left injured and alone in the wilderness. Will her husband's belief in ESP be enough to save her? 
POEM: Relish the Name, by Ray Ratliff 

Vol 9 
YOUTH: Sarah's Secret, by Shirley Cordes 
Persistence pays off when Sarah enters the White Rock Enduro Race with her little Honda. But Sarah has a secret that will give her an edge. 
MYSTERY: Mystery of the Brass Hook, by Linda Rigsbee 
Two teen-age boys seek out the mysterious sounds of a peg-legged ghost. 
ROMANCE: Love & Deception, by Linda Rigsbee 
A mother hasn't told her boyfriend that she has two children. Will he forgive her for keeping it from him? 
WESTERN: The New Stock, by L. L. Rigsbee 
Courage and ingenuity helped build the west, but patience paved the way. Patience is something Clara must exercise to survive an attack by renegade Indians. 
POEM: Final Resting Place, by Ray Ratliff 

Vol 8 
YOUTH: Granny's Promise, by Shirley Cordes 
Annie is having problems adjusting to the loss of her dear grandmother. But is Granny really gone? 
MYSTERY: The Missing Brooch, by Linda Rigsbee 
Megan only left the broach on her desk for a few minutes, but in that time it disappeared. Who could have taken the broach? 
ROMANCE: Even Steven, by Linda Rigsbee 
When she finds a telephone number in her husband's pocket, Dana suspects him of cheating. They've only been married three months. Is it possible? 
WESTERN: The Useless Horse, by L. L. Rigsbee 
The boss' son figured ranching with horses was old fashioned, but Cord Decker knew better. He figured sooner or later the kid would see it his way. The sooner, the better. 

Vol 7 
ROMANCE: A Special Thanksgiving, by Linda Rigsbee 
An elderly woman promises her daughter that she won't spend Thanksgiving alone. In a desperatemove, she invites the lonely old man the townspeople call "the old geezer". 
WESTERN: The Shaman, by L. L. Risbee 
Mahto has been a scout for the army long enough to know that when an Indian gets sick, he's out of a job. Now his future lies in the hands of a Shaman. 
YOUTH: My Friend, The Geek, by Linda Rigsbee 
A popular boy on the basketball team is befriended by a geek. Will he lose his status if he shows interest in the geek? 

Vol 6 
ROMANCE: Sweet Sixteen, by Linda Rigsbee 
A girl has a crush on a boy, but he doesn't notice her. Is it the old clothes she wears? Can she get is attention without buying new clothes? 
WESTERN: Duel at the Corral, by L. L. Rigsbee 
Davis learns a little something about himself when he meets the bronc he can't bust 
YOUTH: The Haunted House, by Linda Rigsbee 
Two young trick-or treaters explore an old house. Is it Haunted? Do ghosts really exist? 

Vol 5 
ROMANCE: The Storm, by Linda Rigsbee 
A couple's first fight is like a summer storm. Will it end in destruction? 
WESTERN: The Nester, by L L Rigsbee 
Reed McEuen hates nesters, so why should he be the one to guide a greenhorn lady and her father out of Commanche Country. 
YOUTH: A Scream In the Night, by Linda Rigsbee 
A boy has moved to the country with his parents. He misses the city and his friends, and he's sure he'll be bored to death. Will he find out that country life isn't all that dull? 

Vol 4 
ROMANCE: Where the Snow Geese Live, by Linda Rigsbee 
A woman is trying to recover from the emptiness left by a deceased husband. Can two young girls and their father fill the void. 
WESTERN: Apache Pass, by L L Rigsbee 
When his stagecoach is stopped by robbers and attacked by Indians, Long knows the occupants must depend on his ingenuity. He's been riding shotgun for this stage line a long time and he's never lost a stagecoach yet. 
YOUTH: The Frog in the Bog, by Linda Rigsbee 
A short poem about changes. Can changes be good? 

Vol 3 
ROMANCE: The Homely Stud, by Linda Rigsbee 
When a girl falls in love with her boyfriend's best friend, she is in a dilemma. If she declares her feelings, she could ruin the friendship between the two men. Must she walk away from the man she loves? 
WESTERN: The Heavy Gun, by L L Rigsbee 
A lone figure walks away from a burned out wagon. Who is this person? 
YOUTH: Cross that Bridge When You Get to It, by Linda Rigsbee 
A boy wants to look brave in front of his uncle, but he is terrified of heights. Can he conquer his fear and cross the bridge over the canyon? 

Vol 2 
ROMANCE: Macho Man, by Linda Rigsbee 
A girl loves a man who carries the macho image a little too far. Locked in a power struggle with him, she wonders if he is the wrong man for her. 
WESTERN: Perilous Trail, by L L Rigsbee 
Spencer is a rancher who is too proud to accept help. A lone horseman in the mountains has to accept the fact that he will occasionally lock horns with danger. 
YOUTHTo Grandpa, From Christopher, by Linda Rigsbee 
A boy is horrified when his mother buys a goat and puts it on their cattle ranch. What will the kids on the school bus say when they see a dirty smelly old goat? 

Vol 1 
ROMANCE: Keep the Ball Rolling, by Linda Rigsbee 
A married couple have drifted apart over the years. Can they revive the excitement, or will their marriage collapse like others? 
WESTERN: Revenge at Sweetwater, by L L Rigsbee 
As a boy, Larkin witnessed the hanging of an innocent man. He has returned to Sweetwater as a man who is in a position to settle an old score. 
YOUTH: Sammy the Sad Spider, by Linda Rigsbee 
Sammy the spider is sad, but one student knows the way to make him happy again. 
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